Open Up My Parachute [2016]

by JoosTVD



12th digital release finds The Vanished Dutchman in an inviting, dancing mood. You have to move to the adventurous groove as Funk, R&B and Latin and Pop are often mixed together. Still balanced out by the melodic to please the heart. Contrasting in happy (slapstick, humor (irony), energetic, exotic) and sad (dreamy, melancholic, epic). All conceived in an organic mix of colourful arrangements. Sing these songs in the shower (with or without a parachute)!

Joos TVD - Open Up My Parachute (Nathan Nörgel source: Wasser Prawda)

Nathan Norgel's translation of a german review for
Joos TVD - Open Up My Parachute

You should sing his new songs in the shower says Joos TVD. And it's not necessary to have a parachute with you there. What does that mean? Joos TVD did an album full of humor with "Open Up My Parachute". And he does a coursing across every musical style you may think of in his songs.

What does it need to get great pop songs? Of course you need melodies, that go straight to your head and a groove to make you dance on the spot. And every great pop song needs lyrics to make you laugh or cry. Yes, you can say: "Open Up My Parachute" very close to be a perfect pop album!

Joos TVD has once again put together rhythms and melodies in his studio, that make you think of Frank Zappy (without the guitar, but with his sense of humor). Sometimes you may also think of the jazzy pop by Steely Dan or even of songs by The Talking Heads (when it gets funky). With songs like "Hipster Mind" the Dutchman starts to rap even. The song about the parachute, which does not want to open, reminds me of movie songs of the 1930s. There are really no limits for Joos TVD. And that's a good thing - because it is never boring to listen to his new and old songs .

No, I probably will not begin to sing in the shower. And I really don't have a parachute with me. But I most certanly wil listen to "Open Up My Parachute" a lot in the next weeks. This pop music is very addictive!


released April 7, 2016

JoosTVD: songwriting (lyrics/music), recording, mixing & mastering, arranging, playing (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion)



all rights reserved


JoosTVD Utrecht, Netherlands

Joost The Vanished Dutchman is, as you might have guessed, from The Netherlands. You cannot pronounce his name easily: Juiced? Well it's an anti- artist name lads and gents! He's a musician first. He started out as a drummer before turning his hand to writing.Tom Robinson played Bomb Won't Go Off (Fresh Fave) and Stupid Songs on his BBC6 Shows. Regularly played on Croydon radio (London) ... more

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