I Mimic Me [2014]

by JoosTVD



On his 10th digital album, JoosTVD aKa The Vanished Dutchman explores futher his eclectic songwriting style that has been inspired by 1920ies "Tin Pan Alley" all through his own era-the 60s &, 70s- in all its melodic and groovy facets, all brought with a passion for music and a few winks. (Notch notch wink wink...)


released March 27, 2014

Written, Recorded & played by JoosTVD: guitars, bass, various keyboards, percussion, vocals



all rights reserved


JoosTVD Utrecht, Netherlands

Joost The Vanished Dutchman is, as you might have guessed, from The Netherlands. You cannot pronounce his name easily: Juiced? Well it's an anti- artist name lads and gents! He's a musician first. He started out as a drummer before turning his hand to writing.Tom Robinson played Bomb Won't Go Off (Fresh Fave) and Stupid Songs on his BBC6 Shows. Regularly played on Croydon radio (London) ... more

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Track Name: Cowboy On The Moon
"You can win or lose somebody, you're just a cowboy on the moon"
Track Name: Velvet Shoes
Now Andy Boy And Mary Lou
They Used To Wear Those VELVET SHOES
They Did The Walk On The Very Wild Side
In The White Heat And The white Light

Now Mary Lou She Used To Play
All Of Your Records On A Perfect Day
Until She Couldn't Listen No More
Now She's Walking Out Of The Door

You Want To Have a Good Time
You Want To Get It Out Of Your Mind
You Want A Change Of The Scene
You Can Blame It On The New York Dream

Well You're Wasting Time
Your Precious Time
Drinking Cheap Cheap Wine
All Of The Time
Now You're Out Of Your Mind
But You Have A Good Time
Down In Your Hole

Hey LOU This Is My Ode To You
Finally Learned To Talk Like
You're Supposed To Do
Maybe I Walk More On The Safer Side
Well This Ain't The Big Apple
But I Give It A Try

I Have Jolly Good Time
I Want To Get It Out Of My Mind
I Wanna Change Of The Scene
I Blame It On The New York Dream
I'm Wasting Time.....
Track Name: Buy (Bye Bye)
"Don't you wanna try? You don't have to buy. No, I just wanna look around"
Track Name: Ballroom Blues
"You try to be somebody else, go figure, you try to hide, so no one can tell the difference"
Track Name: Social Suicide
Happiness is like a little kid you always push aside, grown-ups never seem to quit social suicide
Track Name: I Mimic Me
"Why, I mimic me forever, why is not the question if you just stick to the groove"
Track Name: Different Kind Of Cool
"This is about the guy with a different kind of cool"
Track Name: Intermission (Of Love)
I used to be a very stubborn guy (who, me?)
Track Name: Cats (With A Swagger)
"I love my cat, you love your dog, they stick together like pigs and frogs
Track Name: I See You
"I see you, when I close my eyes"